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Unlock Real-World Business Skills at Montclair State with Saxbys Experiential Learning Café

Are you seeking real-world experience while studying? Montclair State University's innovative partnership with Saxbys offers a unique model of experiential learning. This initiative not only boosts student engagement but also equips them with practical skills necessary for thriving in the business world.

Overview of Montclair State's Experiential Learning Platform

At Montclair State University, the bridge between academic theory and practical application is not just taught but lived through a pioneering initiative. In collaboration with Saxbys, a coffee chain known for its commitment to empowering future leaders, the university introduced a student-run café. This partnership is designed to provide students with hands-on business management experience by allowing them to run a fully operational café on campus. The program highlights include:

  • Real-world business running experience
  • Development of leadership and managerial skills
  • Earning academic credits alongside wages
Students interacting at the Saxbys café at Montclair State University

Initiated in 2015, the Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform (E.L.P.) is aimed at transforming educational experiences into career-accelerating opportunities. This platform has successfully integrated theoretical teaching with practical implementation, thereby reinforcing the learning process.

Benefits for Students

Participation in the Saxbys E.L.P. serves as a multifaceted educational tool, providing participants with myriad benefits:

  • Career Preparedness: Hands-on management experience prepares students for future leadership roles.
  • Skill Development: Enhances skills in areas like problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication.
  • Academic Credit and Compensation: Students receive academic credit and wages, making learning financially beneficial.

Real-world Impact and Future Prospects

The real-world impact of the Saxbys E.L.P. is profound, with many participants quickly transitioning into leadership roles post-graduation. The program not only enriches students’ academic lives but also significantly boosts their employability and career trajectories. Saxbys’ careers page showcases numerous success stories of students who've transitioned into thriving professionals.

Saxbys café menu and students enjoying services

Looking ahead, Montclair State University and Saxbys plan to continue expanding this initiative to include more students and potentially open more E.L.P. cafés. This growth signifies a brighter, more integrated future of education and business, promising to equip more students with essential life and career skills.

Joining the Initiative

For students eager to join the Saxbys E.L.P. at Montclair State University, applications are open at the beginning of each academic year. Prospects must show a passion for leadership and a commitment to learning. More details are available on the university’s Feliciano School of Business website.


The Montclair State University and Saxbys partnership exemplifies the powerful impact of integrating academic learning with real-world experience. This initiative not only makes education more engaging and applicable but also prepares students for the realities of the business world, fostering a new generation of skilled, adaptable leaders.

Group of Montclair State students and faculty discussing at Saxbys café

To explore more about this innovative educational approach and to see if you can be part of it, visit Montclair State University’s official website or contact the Feliciano School of Business for more details. Prepare yourself not just for a degree, but for a career!

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